Ayurvedic Face Wash & Mask - Sample .55 oz

Ayurvedic Face Wash & Mask

3 oz
Sample .55 oz

This Ayurvedic Face Wash & Mask are part of a centuries-old beauty regimen popular in India, Japan, & other Asian cultures. This powdered facial cleanser + mask combines natural and organic ingredients to gently exfoliate and remove excess oil and dirt without stripping your skin's natural beneficial moisture. Just add water and your skin is left clean, smooth, radiant, and glowing. 

By giving you these ingredients in the dry form, it allows for you to have a completely natural cleanser.

Ingredients: Almond Meal, Rose Petals Powder*, Chickpea Flour, Kaolin Clay, Brown Rice Flour*, Tumeric Powder*, Orange Peel*, Cinnamon Powder* (*Organic)

Nature Rule Enterprises Inc makes natural and organic products handcrafted in small batches.

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